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Upright Bass

Andrew Freed
Teaches Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday

Born into a musical family, Andrew Freed took to playing music at a young age. Not so many years later, he was performing in bands and attending music camps that allowed him to play with musicians from all over the world, fueling his love and passion for music. This passion, which continued through his teen years, carried him to Towson University in Baltimore, Maryland where he studied Jazz Performance. Freed teaches bass, guitar, and upright bass and currently performs in prominent bands around the Baltimore/DC area. Specializing in technique, visualization, ear training, music theory, jamming concepts, and songwriting, Freed's mission is to develop challenging and achievable goals for his students and give them the tools they need to get there. He also is very active on social media where his videos have exceeded 3+ million views. Check him out on Facebook, Youtube, or Instagram: Andrew Freed Music