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Yamaha SKB2 Survival Kit

Yamaha Keyboard Essential Accessories!

The Yamaha Survival Kit B2 includes a PA130 power adapter, footswitch, headphones, and more, for users of the Yamaha PSR and EZ keyboards listed below. Survival Kit B2 adds a 2-year extended warranty, online rebate offers for Yamaha products, and a Quincy Jones-endorsed "Playground Sessions" trial membership for online piano lessons. Want the perfect companion to your favorite Yamaha keyboard? Add the Survival Kit B2!


Yamaha Survival Kit B2 Keyboard Power Adapter and Accessories Features:

  • Yamaha Power Adapter (PA130)
  • Footswitch
  • Stereo headphones
  • 2-Year Extended Warranty
  • Hundreds of dollars of rebate coupons
  • Trial membership for online piano lessons

Designed specifically for the following products:

  • PSR-E213 / 223 / 233 / 243 /253
  • PSR-E313 / 323 / 333 / 343
  • PSR-E403
  • EZ-200 / 220
  • EZ-AG

Tech Specs

  • Input Voltage Range:120V, 60Hz
  • Output Amps:1.0A
  • Output Voltage:12V
  • Manufacturer Part Number:SK B2