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Blackstar ID:Core 20 V3 2 x 5-inch, 2 x 10-watt Stereo Combo Amp with Effects

Manufacturer #:ID:CORE 20 V3

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ID:CORE 10, 20 and 40 models are market leaders in the entry level guitar amp market. The next generation V3 ID:CORE amps build on the features and sound of previous models, making them perfect for live streaming, recording, practicing, and more.

The ID:CORE 20 V3 is designed to make live streaming, recording, any practicing easy. Its TRRS line output allows you to send audio directly to a smartphone to live stream your playing. The Cab Rig next generation Emulated Output has user controls for cabinet and room environment so you can fine-tune the direct sound that works best for you. And deep editing software makes it easy to dial in the perfect tone.


- 20W programmable combo with enhanced features
- 6 voices and 12 Super Wide Stereo effects
- Live streaming TRRS output for easy use with smartphones
- Cab Rig software with controls for cabinet. room, and more
- Low noise hardware for improved sound quality
- Ergonomic molded handle in the back of the unit
- Editing software for deeper control