Puresound CPB1420 14 20-strand Custom Pro Brass Snare Wire - 046716579423
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Puresound CPB1420 14" 20-strand Custom Pro Brass Snare Wire

Great Sound, Easy to Swap Out

Changing your snares can be as stressful as changing your hairstyle. Well, not for long with PureSound. The PureSound Custom Pro Brass snare wires don't just sound great. They're also some of the easiest to use - easiest to dial in, and easiest to swap out. Nylon Speed Straps are held in place by two removable clips. So you can try different snare wires or change your bottom head in seconds without touching your throw off or butt plate. This gives you instant access to every Speed Release snare set in PureSound's catalog: brass, steel, 20-strand, or 24-strand. PureSound Custom Pro snare wires also feature anti-choke end plates to reduce head damping and sympathetic buzz. 

PureSound 14" Custom Pro Brass Snare Wires Features:
  • Brass wires sound bright and resonant
  • Ultra sensitive - bent clips press snare wires against the bottom head
  • Anti-choke end plates reduce head damping and sympathetic snare buzz
  • Speed Release nylon straps let you change out snares and heads in seconds - no de-tensioning required!
  • Rule marks on straps help you recall settings if removed
  • Designed and manufactured in the USA
Fewer headaches, less buzz, and better sensitivity: PureSound Custom Pro snare wires.


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