KNA VV-3V Portable Piezo Violin/Viola Pickup With Volume Control - Ebony - 617353858495
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KNA VV-3V Portable Piezo Violin/Viola Pickup With Volume Control - Ebony

VV-3V is the perfect solution for violin and viola players who seek to capture the natural tone of their instrument.An onboard volume control makes it easy for performers to control the pickup output while onstage. The wood-encased piezo sensor installs safely and securely into the eye of the instrument bridge with minimal, if any, modification to the instrument. Cork-lined, fully adjustable barrel clamps keep the unit safe and stable while attached to the instrument. VV-3V employs a passive system, designed to work flawlessly with your favorite acoustic amplifier or preferred preamp.

KNA VV-3V Violin/Viola Pickup with Volume Control Features:

  • Transforms your violin or viola into a stage-ready instrument
  • Offers natural-sounding acoustic reproduction
  • Installs into the eye of your bridge
  • Onboard volume control allows for easy adjustment
  • Lightweight design won't weigh down your instrument
  • Cork-lined contact points protect the finish
  • Solid ebony housing looks great onstage
  • Plug straight into an acoustic amplifier or use an impedance-matching preamp for optimal performance

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