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Instrument Rentals
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We are a proud affiliate of Menchey Music for all of our school instrument rentals.

About Our Rental Program

We are proud affiliates of Menchey Music. They provide all of the instruments we rent out to students each year. We have found their Rent-to-Own program to be the best band and orchestra instrument rental program around, in regard to price, options, brands, servicing and overall quality of experience. 

The Menchey Music Instrument Rental Program is a Rent-to-Own program. This means with each monthly payment you make, a portion of that payment goes toward owning the instrument. This balance is called your principle. If you were to rent for long enough, you could pay off the instrument and it would be yours!

Now, while it is a Rent-to-Own program, you are NOT locked into anything. You do not have to keep the instrument until it is paid off and are free to return it at any time. You would just lose the principle you've built up over the course of renting the instrument. Keep in mind, this credit is transferable! If you are renting a string instrument and need to go to the next size, 100% of your principle will go toward that next size. If you are switching instruments entirely, 75% of your principle will go toward that new instrument. So before returning, make sure your student does not want to switch to anything else!

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