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Mike's Music has worked hard to gather some of the best instructors around.

To see our list of awesome teachers, click on the instrument you'd like to learn to read about them!

Haley, Mrs. Mike's Music, interviews each candidate before hiring them to make sure they've got what it takes to be a part of our team (Haley has many years of experience with corporate hiring). We've actually had teachers tell us they've never been through such a rigorous screening process to get ANY job. Once Haley has given the go-ahead, Mike makes sure the candidate has the musical tools necessary to nurture aspiring musicians for success.

We've heard that some music stores will hire a teacher just because they have a music degree or the store needs to fill a vacancy. Many of our teachers have music degrees, but some don't. A music degree doesn't necessarily make someone a good music teacher.

What does make someone a good music teacher? Someone who is patient, kind, and caring, as well as musically qualified. Our screening process guarantees that your teacher will be all of the above. We want your child to grow as a musician, but we also want to make sure they're HAVING FUN in the process.

A strong teacher/student bond is the key to the success of any student. At Mikes, we make the extra effort to match the musical preferences and personality of each student with those of the teacher. Do you have any guitar openings Wednesday night? We do, but I think our Thursday teacher would be a much better fit for your child. Please note - for your child's safety and your peace of mind, we run background checks on all of our teachers, and our lesson rooms are fitted with full glass doors. Additionally, parents are always welcome (and encouraged with toddlers) to sit in on lessons.
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